Coronet Bay –  A Voice For The People.

A Reflection by Barry Hutton.

When you come to live in Coronet Bay you have become a part of a small but thriving community, one that is energetic and gets things done. As part of this community you have a say in issues such as living conditions, transport and development.

This has been the situation since the early days of the Coronet Bay development when stalwarts such as Fred Gration fought for the rights of our residents. Fundraising commenced through garage sales that eventually developed into the the current day market. Consequently with some assistance these pioneers built the Hall and the public toilets on the foreshore.

This community is what you have become a member of – make the most of it and become a member of the CBR&RA*. Have your say and become involved.

The association has become involved in major areas of transport and development just to name two and at the moment we are working on planning the development of the infill.

We have also been involved through the Combined Community Group* in many projects around the town such as:

  • the Ball Court,
  • the Community Garden
  • the BMX Track and
  • Concreting outside the Hall.


CBR&RA meetings are a forum within which you have your say and receive answers to your questions; It is a forum where information from our other groups and committees are disseminated.

Our local Councillor attends to provide Council information and answer questions. Other speakers are also invited where appropriate.


As a member you receive information by email (or your preferred form of communication), on significant developments in the township in addition to the minutes and agendas of meetings.

Become a member

*In October 2023, members of the Coronet Bay Ratepayer’s and Resident’s Association along with members of the Coronet Bay Combined Community Group, agreed to amalgamate the two groups and change the name of the association to the Coronet Bay Community Association.

Membership was extended to include regular volunteers in the community and local businesses operating in the Coronet Bay vicinity.

To be kept informed of events, meet your community and receive regular updates and news regarding our delightful and fast growing town, join the CBCA and get involved.